Virtual Office


Do you need a company seat in Bratislava, but do not wish to pay for physical office space that you won’t use anyway? We have a solution for you in the form of a virtual office for your company at prestigious Wellbens addresses.

Why choose a virtual office service?

  1. Compliance with legal obligations. According to Slovak laws, every company is obliged to publish its company seat for the purpose of contact with the state authorities and also with general public. The address of your virtual office will be entered into the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic.
  2. A more convenient alternative when compared to a physical office. Unless you need a physical space a virtual office is the best choice.
  3. Premium services at your fingertips. Depending on the service package you choose, you have access to a wide range of services. From mail forwarding, through meeting room access, to a virtual assistant.
  4. For Slovak as well as foreign companies. Virtual office service is suitable for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. A long-term virtual office at prestigious addresses for excellent prices is here for everyone.


Wellbens will give you more than just a good address for your business. What do we offer?

  • Virtual offices in attractive locations of Bratislava.
  • Your company name on the mailbox.
  • Receipt of mail as well as their personal collection.
  • E-mail notification of company mail received.
  • Mail forwarding – you do not have to pick-up mail personally.

  • If you wish to know the contents of your mail immediately we can open it and send you a scan.
  • We always process your mail only in accordance with your instructions.
  • Modern and representative premises of the virtual office with an option to conduct business meetings on site.
  • Virtual assistant.

Why should you choose Wellbens?

Wellbens was established by a group of experienced advisors who understand the needs of modern companies and entrepreneurs. The main effort is to bring quality services, precise advice and real added value while using the latest technologies. We believe that Wellbens style – client approach, efficient, precise and modern – is the way forward for any business.


At Wellbens we understand that investing in meaningful products is the most essential trait of every entrepreneur.
With us you only pay for what you use. See the price list and do not hesitate to contact us:

  • At Wellbens you can choose from three types of packages depending on what services you need.
  • We offer a virtual office from EUR 25 per month.

  • You will not be charged for services you do not use. You only pay for the services you choose.
  • You can see the offer of our services in a clear list with prices below .



Co-founder / CFO, experienced lawyer and advisor. During his career as a lawyer, Ondrej has worked in several law firms and in various law sectors where he gained significant experience in law and business. Thanks to cooperation with several well-known real estate agencies, he has become one of the best real estate lawyers and advisor in the field of corporate law and financing. Ondrej is also familiar with Czech legal and tax environment. Thanks to his wide legal practice, we can provide our clients with comprehensive advice not only in the field of accounting, but also law and financing.

Ondrej Steiniger