The new Wellbens.Digital platform was created by demanding information in the field of modern technology. Our active customers were interested in technological innovations and the possibilities of their use in their own accounting. However, we have decided that we will not only pay more attention to this topic and inform everyone about it, but we will also gradually introduce into our work and services all the latest technological conveniences and innovations that will streamline not only our work but also our clients’ comfort, speed of cooperation and the final price.

Research and development of artificial intelligence and new digital technologies is constantly ongoing today. They also find their application in accounting. Their main advantage is not only saving time, but also money. Last but not least, they enable a safe form of contactless communication with a client, what, as has been shown recently, is not only convenient but also practical.

What's new in the world of digitization of accounting

Some accounting programs already offer automatic document processing today. They use artificial intelligence, which is able to read some parts of invoices and documents and transfer them to the accounting system, or even record them directly in the right place or on the right account.

Even this modern systems will not do the work completely without some human intervention, but we believe that the development of modern technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and we want to be not only ready, but also provide all new knowledge and our experience to you.

Not just new topics

Through Wellbens.Digital platform, we will bring you interesting facts and news from the world of digitization of accounting and modern technologies. At the same time, since we have determined the introduction of new technologies in our company as one of our main goals, we will gradually test and introduce modern technologies into our practice so that we meet the needs of our clients as much as possible. As a modern accounting & advisory firm, we strive not only to provide comfortable services and advices, but also be always ahead of our competition and be constantly updated, so that we can provide real added value for the client in the form of quality advice.

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Co-founder / CEO of Wellbens and a modern lawyer who understands the latest trends in law, tax and business. Lukas spent a part of his career in an international law firm and by running own legal, tax & accounting businesses, what helped him to gain lots of experience and knowledge in the field of advisory services. Thanks to Lukas’ talent and his background, he is able to provide our clients with superb advisory at international level and support them in their businesses as well as other activities.

Lukas Steiniger
CEO / Partner