We help you navigate the complex world of tax and accounting laws. Personal income tax, corporate income tax, indirect taxes and employment issues are among the most common sectors in which we regularly advise our clients.

We also advise clients in ad-hoc transactions relating to real estate, transfer of art, and transfer of intellectual property. For each transaction that exceeds EUR 50,000 we analyse possible tax implications and optimize them so that they best reflect the risk profile of a particular client. Wellbens is always on your side and our professionals are ready to help with your tax matters.

Tax Advisory Services

At Wellbes we offer our clients comprehensive tax advisory services

  • Tax optimization for all types of tax:
    • Slovak companies
    • Foreign companies
    • Natural person
  • Preparation and processing of corporate and personal income tax returns
  • Tax due diligence
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax advisory
  • Analysis and set up of transactions based on treaties for the avoidance of double taxation
  • Preparation and processing of value added tax returns

  • Providing expert opinions on the client’s tax enquiries
    • Transfers of movable property
    • Transfers of immovable property
    • Financial transactions
  • Registration of the client with the Slovak tax authority
    • Corporate / Personal income tax
    • Value added tax (VAT)
    • Payroll tax
    • Exercise duties
    • And others
  • Advice on new legislation

Why should you choose Wellbens?

Wellbens was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who understand the needs of a modern company. They use Wellbens services themselves, which enables their constant monitoring and improvement. We believe that you will love Wellbens style – simple, effective and modern.

Want to learn more about tax advisory services at Wellbens?
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Tax advisor, accounting expert and an entrepreneur. Zuzana started her career with the Slovak tax authority, where she worked as a director at the Slovak Tax Office for selected large tax entities. Subsequently, Zuzana moved to the private sector, where she provides her services as a tax advisor and accounting expert. Zuzana’s experience in tax administration is highly valued by our clients, in particular when identifying and assessing tax risks. When advising our clients, Zuzana always applies her practical and technical knowledge to the newest accounting and tax laws.



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