The Story of Wellbens

Wellbens was established by a group of experienced advisors who understand the needs of modern companies and entrepreneurs. The main effort is to bring quality services, precise advice and real added value while using the latest technologies. We believe that Wellbens style – client approach, efficient, precise and modern – is the way forward for any business.

Wellbens provides complex business solutions for companies and entrepreneurs who require efficient approach to the whole administration of their business in one place. Wellbens takes care of all aspects of your business – from precise accounting and payroll & HR services through difficult, complex or daily tax, economic and financial advices, the incorporation of a company, its purchase or sale. This will give you more time for the most important – for your business and a happy life.

The main motive for founding Wellbens was the dissatisfaction of entrepreneurs with the approach of accountants and the quality of their advice, as well as the lack of high quality services provided in the segment of economic, financial and tax advisory with a link to comprehensive advices on everyday or even more complex business issues.

Wellbens addresses these issues with rigorous selection criteria of its advisors and their training and education, and at the same time with provision of the most comprehensive range of services for its clients.

At Wellbens you always find the right client approach and flexibility, the essence of which is a comprehensive client care – from the incorporation of the company to its sale or trouble-free liquidation.

We believe that the rich offer of our services under one roof (One Stop Shop model) will appeal to even the most demanding customers.


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