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Incorporation, assistance with a corporate bank account opening, visas and work permits, registering business data changes with the commercial register, virtual assistant, compliance and regulatory obligations, as well as other legal and administrative obligations, can be easily handled using Wellbens Corporate Services.

Wellbens understands how important it is to have business matters in order, and therefore we provide our clients not only with a comprehensive monitoring of all the tasks they are obliged to perform under applicable legislation, but also with the delivery of solutions that enable our clients to fulfil their legal and administrative obligations.

What are corporate services and what corporate services do we offer?

Wellbens Corporate Services include everything related to the company’s ordinary legal and administrative obligations, in particular:

  • Incorporation
  • Registering business data changes with the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic
  • Acquisition of trade licenses on behalf of clients
  • Client representation before the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic
  • Assistance when obtaining visas and work permits in Slovakia

  • Compliance services and regulatory obligations
  • Monitoring and implementation of legal obligations
  • Registration of end users of benefits in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Virtual assistant

Wellbens Corporate Services, however, include much more. For our clients we always try to ensure maximum comfort and therefore we also provide services that you will probably not find with our competitors. Do you need to deal with some of your administrative obligations at the various government offices, but you don’t want to waste your precious time? Our virtual assistant service might be the right choice for you. If legally possible, we can always deal with administrative duties on your behalf. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

Why should you choose Wellbens?

Wellbens was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who understand the needs of a modern company. They use Wellbens services themselves, which enables their constant monitoring and improvement. We believe that you will love Wellbens style – simple, effective and modern.

Want to learn more about corporate services at Wellbens?
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Experienced lawyer, partner at STEINIGER | law firm and entrepreneur. During his career as a lawyer, Ondrej worked in several law firms where he gained significant experience in business law. Thanks to cooperation with several real estate agencies, he became one of the best real estate lawyers who successfully represents clients before courts. Ondrej also gained considerable experience in bankruptcy and restructuring. He successfully helps creditors assert their legal rights. Ondrej is familiar with Czech and Austrian law, which enables him to provide our clients with a more complex advice than our competitors.



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