Company Sale, Purchase

Our experience can save you a lot of money and worries

Thinking about selling your business but not sure how to start? Selling a firm is an individual matter that needs to be properly prepared.

Finding a buyer and preparing the sales documentation both require professional approach.

At Wellbens professionals are ready to help you.


See how the business is sold using Wellbens professionals.

  • At the start of the procedure, we always ask the client to clarify what constitutes the assets and liabilities of the company being sold. Whether you sell a company with a VAT registration, or without, a smaller company with a history or a large active company with many operations, we are here for you at Wellbens.
  • We also advise our clients to have approximate pricing expectations as well decision on whether to sell all or simply part of the company. You can leave the rest to the experienced Wellbens team who will help you with the remainder of the transaction.
  • After an initial analysis, we determine the value of the company and adjust the price expectations accordingly.
  • How do buyers learn about your business? Wellbens will help you to secure the marketing of your business with the best companies-for-sale database in Slovakia.

  • In the next step we optimize the form of transaction to precisely suit your needs. We can faciltate the whole communication and negotiation of the sale with the buyer in a way that will give you the most favorable conditions.
  • Prior to closing the deal, a partner law firm will prepare all legal documents. We can also represent you before the state institutions and authorities if you choose so.
  • We operate not only in Slovakia, but also in the neighbouring Czech Republic, thus extending your sales opportunities considerably. Whether you sell a Slovak or a Czech company, we will be happy to help you secure the appropriate documentation and bring the transaction to a successful end.

Is your business suitable? What companies are popular among buyers?

Practice has shown that the easiest sellers are companies dedicated to gastronomy or logging. The sale of a hotel or restaurant is surely easier, then selling a complicated technology startup. Nevertheless at Wellbens we can help you even with the most sophisticated transactions. Sale of a company with history is always a fresh challenge for our team. If you are thinking about selling yours, you should definitely consult experts before the transaction. We may save not only some time, but also a considerable amount of money and potential future liabilities.

Why should you choose Wellbens?

Wellbens was established by a group of experienced advisors who understand the needs of modern companies and entrepreneurs. The main effort is to bring quality services, precise advice and real added value while using the latest technologies. We believe that Wellbens style – client approach, efficient, precise and modern – is the way forward for any business.

Want to learn more about purchase or sale of a company at Wellbens?
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Co-founder / CEO of Wellbens and a modern lawyer who understands the latest trends in law, tax and business. Lukas spent a part of his career in an international law firm and by running own legal, tax & accounting businesses, what helped him to gain lots of experience and knowledge in the field of advisory services. Thanks to Lukas’ talent and his background, he is able to provide our clients with superb advisory at international level and support them in their businesses as well as other activities.

Lukas Steiniger
CEO / partner