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Accounting is one of the most important parts of a functioning business. An experienced accountant can not only make your business run smoothly, but often save valuable company resources. At Wellbens, we are well aware of this and therefore we offer our clients the highest quality services. Wellbens provides complex accounting services for small and medium enterprises and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) such as athletes and artists who require professional and confidential approach when dealing with their accounting matters.

Securing professional accounting services in Slovakia

Wellbens will provide you with a comprehensive accounting services portfolio. We take over the entire accounting administration – from ordinary bookkeeping, through preparing and filing of tax returns, to sending statements and communicating with the state authorities. The scope of services provided depends entirely on you.

At the start, we discuss with each client the terms and conditions of cooperation, the scope of services required and the way in which the client will deliver receipts, invoices and other accounting documents. At Wellbens, accounting is more than just an administrative matter. Wellbens accountants understand business and adapt their services accordingly. We are always on your side and we actively deal with any potential problems either with simple accounting or with more comprehensive tax advisory. In case of any dispute with the financial administration, Wellbens professionals are ready to help.

We can prepare you a price offer within 15 minutes. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Digitization of accounting and modern technologies

In addition to keeping precise complete accounting for our clients, we also bring interesting facts and news from the world of digitization of accounting and modern technologies. At the same time, as we have determined the implementation of new technologies in our company as one of our main goals, we are gradually testing and introducing modern technologies into our practice so that we meet the needs of our clients as much as possible.

The desired result of gradual digitization and informatization is not only the streamlining of our work, but also the comfort of our clients, the speed of cooperation and last but not least, a more favorable price.

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Accounting services at Wellbens

At Wellbes we offer full accounting services:

Accounting for family firms and SME

  • Double-entry bookkeeping for VAT payers and non-payers
  • Simple accounting for self-employed persons
  • Preparation of complete financial statements
  • Warehouse records
  • Travel orders
  • Accounting and economic advisory
  • Special statements, statistics and reporting from accounting
  • Reports for the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
  • Intrastat
  • Reporting for literary / artistic fund


  • Tax return of a natural person
  • Assistance with income from different countries
  • Setting up a tax residence
  • International tax advice

Taxes and Tax returns

  • Corporate income tax return, including financial statements
  • Tax return of a natural person type A or B
  • Tax advice, International tax advice
  • Vehicle tax
  • Property tax
  • Special withholding tax return / withholding tax report (eg artist)
  • Representation in the case of a local investigation or audit of a tax authority
  • VAT registration according to §4, §7 or §7a
  • Preparation of a tax return for VAT according to §7 or §7a – non-payer of VAT (EU VAT)
  • Tax planning
  • Tax compliance

Payroll, HR

  • Payroll and payslips for all employees
  • Employee registration and deregistration
  • Annual tax reconciliations (settlement) for employees
  • Payroll consulting
  • Reporting on tax clearance from employment
  • Assistance in preparing wage documents
  • Communication with authorities and direct representation

Why should you choose Wellbens?

Wellbens was established by a group of experienced advisors who understand the needs of modern companies and entrepreneurs. The main effort is to bring quality services, precise advice and real added value while using the latest technologies. We believe that Wellbens style – client approach, efficient, precise and modern – is the way forward for any business.

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Chief Accountant and specialist in accounting, finance and payroll. Martin has many years of experience in the field of financial accounting small and medium size companies, as well as financial management and consulting. His precision, communication skills and responsibility bring our clients substantial comfort for everyday operation, as well as for more complex accounting operations.

Martin Horvath
Head of accounting department